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The photographs were taken a year ago, but only released now following rising concerns about marine pollution.

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But small actions can make a big difference, and everyone has a part to play. The island's population of red deer have been the subject of scientific research since the s.

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Researchers study the animals to better understand their behaviour and the effects of climate change on deer. Dr Richard Dixon, of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said the photographs of the red deer were a "strong Scottish symbol of a wasteful attitude" to the world's resources. He said: "We are used to some of the images of seabirds and some marine mammals and turtles being affected by plastic waste, but this is very much closer to home.

Concerns about the level of pollution in the sea off Scotland, and along its coast are increasingly being raised.

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This week, a group of volunteers gathered more than kgs of rubbish from the shore at Red Point, Gairloch, in Wester Ross. Last summer, scientists said some of the world's deepest living sea creatures had been found to have eaten microscopic pieces of plastic waste. Also last year, researchers said most of the seabirds examined for a study into the effects of marine plastic pollution had swallowed plastic.

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Stags on Rum found tangled in discarded fishing gear 23 May Image copyright SNH Image caption A stag was photographed with rope and buoy tangled in its antlers Images have been released showing red deer stags on a Scottish island with marine pollution tangled in their antlers. Another of the deer was photographed with rope and an orange buoy in its antlers.

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To go alone. I'm goin stag to the dance.

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The male half of a relationship who allows and finds sexual gratification in allowing and even encouraging his female partner to have sex with other men. Stags are dominant but want to share their women. I met a STAG at the bar who invited me to his home when he noticed his wife checking me out and flirting with me.

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Stag unknown. To go alone 2.

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Without a partner at a social gathering. Savion is known for being a douchebag so he will be going stag to prom. Chad: yo bro, slatt or stag?

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  5. Kyle: idk brooo, slatt is pretty wack ngl. The bisexual equivalent of a Butch lesbian.

    Ex: Taylor is definite she is bisexual. But doesn't want to be mistaken as a lesbian, so instead of identifying as a Butch she identifies as a Stag. A man about to be married particularly when on a night out known as a stag do with his friends to celebrate his final few days of pre-conjugal freedom. A male-only social gathering 3.